Good Jumpin Fu** it's hot

Being that we're suposed to reach a heat index of 105 today and 112 yesterday I broke down and put the window AC unit in for my dog and cat monday night. It's not fair to them that hey roast all day in the house while I sit in my freezing cold office. Of course the window unit I have for the living room was made approximately when Jesus was born and made of cast iron and alien metals designed to weigh more than the earth. I managed to haul this monstrosity up the basement steps with out killing myself or causing major bodily harm by falling down the stairs and got it in the window after a 20 minute struggle to get it situated. I turned it on and low and behold I believe there are arctic mice in there running in a wheel and farting out tiny blasts of slightly chilled air, but it's better than nothing. At this point I am covered in sweat that feels like an elephant sneezed on me, oh JOY. I grabbed the second one from the basement, only slightly smaller and newer, jesus might have been 5 or so, and got that one in the window without too many problems. After about an hour it was much cooler, or at least the moisture was out of the air, but the smell! It's like someone used it as an ashtray and to culture mold and mildew for fun and entertainment. So tonight I get to go home and take these filters made of horse hair and cow manure out and see if I can clean them or maybe get replacements sometime before the end of the world. I'll try and post some pics tonight so you can watch the project and maybe, if your lucky, I might just get electrocuted. Whhoooo hooooo! It's a party up in here!

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