Home sweet home............

Well, lets talk about home. Home is where the heart is right? Even if it's EBF, and some of the people don't have all their teeth?

Well, even though all I ever wanted was to GET OUT of that little town, I sometimes find myself wishing I was closer to home.

There are no oportunities, business or otherwise, left there. It's a town going the way of the Wild West I supose. You've seen Deliverance right? It's kinda like that. So I had to leave, they Voted me out of the clan because I have to many teeth. And my brother isn't my father, that kind of stuff. You ain't one of them if you're family tree branches ya know? Gooble Gobble! One of Us, One of US!

But there's a peace there (even amongst the back-stabbing story tellers) that you just don't get in a city. A sense of community, there really is a neighborhood, not just The Hood, or these suburbs where you could be bleeding next to there driveway and as long as it's not on "Their Lawn" they won't call and have you arrested for trespassing.

Of course, the more I think about it the more I realize it's not the place I miss so much as it's my wacky-assed family. No matter how goofy your family is, or mine for that matter, you still love em. You miss sitting around the kitchen table, (bonfire, livingroom, or mass sacrifice, ya know, wherever your family congregates) and just being there. So, anyway, after all the Squishy shit, just remember, love your family, see them as much as you can, and never take them for granted. Mwah!

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