Mutherfuckin post office

Nearly everyday when I get home I have to re-deliver my neighbors mail. Which is ok, not too bad. I don't mind, I even like my neighbors so its a chance to say hi and pet their dog. I even understand that we don't have a set person to deliver our mail, it's a rotational route, so mistakes happen. But, when I don't get my bills, and I miss a car payment because someone else gets my mail,with my personal information, and I incure finance charges and damage to MY credit rating, I get a little irate. Just a wee bit. And let me say this. If I suffer Identity Theft becasue some fucktard signs me up for a credit card and maxes it out, someone might die. Slowly and painfully. Yes, I will go "Postal" to use the proper term. So I sent out a cutsey, nicey-nice complaint letter.
Here it is.

"I have had a problem getting my mail because there is no set carrier for my route. I have to deliver my neighbors mail, and they bring mine over also. I missed a car payment because some one else got my bill and I never recieved it. It's not only my neighbors mail, but the wrong streets, incorrect addresses, incorrect names. I don't enjoy paying late fees and my credit rating being affected by incompitent carriers. I would like a perminant carrier put on my route please and thank you."

When I hit the submit button they said it might take a few days to get back to me. I'll keep you updated.

**The update**

The "filed" the complaint. Someone will contact me on thier next business day.

Happy Happy, Joy Joy.

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