So I dyed my hair.....

I have very very dark brown hair and have recently taken to bleaching just the front section. My hubby thought that was wierd, and even went so far as to tell me "It make you look old hunni". Great. Thanks. Well, I decided to let my inner punk rock kid come out and dyed the bleached section bright freakin pink, with blue tips last night. (He now thinks I'm having a mid-twenties crisis.)

Of course I'm walking around my house in an old T-shirt, my undies, and foil on my head when who makes a surprise visit? That's right folks! The In-Laws! They seem to have an inner radar, and uncanny ability to show up at the most in-opportune time. Seems like I get home from work and take off my pants, hop in the shower, or have sex with my husband and a little bell rings in their heads... *maybe we should go see the kids* Sometimes I swear they have our house set up on streaming video just so they know when to come over. Or do all parents have this innate ability? If my parents lived within visiting distance I'm sure they would be Ninja visitors too. Walk by the door into the bathroom to pinch a loaf when no one is home, and as you exit the lavatory with watering eyes and a stench that seems to be melting the porcelain and peeling the wallpaper there stands *insert family member here* smiling! "HI HONEY! LETS VISIT! " Does everyone have this happen to them?

Always the telephone for me.
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