Sooo...Uuuhhhhmmm... I think I'm in trouble.

Yeah, I think I screwed up........ again. Capt. Ass-Kicker needs to get his passport and I'm thinkin' I might have lost his birth certificate. Don't ask because I don't know how I did it. I put it in the lock box with mine 3 years ago after our trip to cancun and 2 years ago when I got mine out to get my passport his was there. And mine still is...... I went to get his out this morning and guess the fuck what? I can't find it. Maybe it's because it was before 7:30 in the morning, or the fact I drank retarded amounts of beer last night, but I just didn't see it anywhere. Ok, panic now starts to seep into my brain. I have been screaming at him to get this done for a month now, and now it's going to be my fault it's not done because I "can't hold on to a simple piece of fucking paper". I left him a note this morning leaving him a list of crap to do today with a nice little P.S. 'you can't get your passport today until I find your birth certificate', with no mention of it might just be/maybe/possibly/could be lost. Thank GOD he didn't draw that conclusion until I have had some more time to look for it or super secretly order a duplicate online.

Yeah guys, I am totally getting my ass whupped.

You are in trouble! Im tellin' on you.

I already told on me!
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