Times Past and Kids Today

Opinion time! My experience with *most* parents today leads me to believe children are ignored. Too many days have I been in stores and seen a parent with their child running wild, or screaming, or begging for attention and the parent, with cell phone glued to the head, ignore them. Or give in to whatever it is they want. Chips, candy, ice cream, that new toy, whatever. What is it with these parents?? When did No cease to be No? I was in the Lowes and there's a little girl crying for her mom, so I helped her find her mom. The mother says to me "She was FINE, I could hear her" and stomps away. I was left with the feeling commonly known as 'What the Fuck?'. As I finish my shopping I can hear this little girl asking her mom "Where'd that nice lady go?". As I round the corner I come face to face with Crazy Mommy glaring at me. "She won't stay with me now because she wants to find you and thank you." This woman was pissed that I stopped to help her child. And that her child had the common courtesy enough to want to Thank me for it.

The other side of that coin is that kids don't get to be kids anymore. We have to protect them from the crazies so they can't run rampant in the neighborhood playing with other kids anymore. There's no more "just be home before dark". Kids are regulated minute by minute. School activities and sports, 37 for each season so kids stay out of trouble and off the streets and guarded by adults at all times. I understand the fear. Living in Philly I hear about kids getting shot in school yards by other kids everyday. Those dirty rotten mutherfuckers who just wanna touch these kids in the no-no spots. For all the things we didn't have when I was growing up sometimes ya gotta wonder, was it better then?

I totally feel you on the differences between our childhoods and children today. I grew up way out in the country and would go traipsing in the woods and nearby farms for hours, and my parents never worried. When I babysit now, I wish I could prescribe to my parents' idea of "Bored? Go outside and play" but I have to worry about homeless people, meth labs down the street, and cars careening down the street. I wonder if it kinda sucks to be a kid today.
Our childhoods were different, yes, but the motherfucking molestors and drug dealers were still there. Now, we just know about it - they are publicized. How many adults do know that have been molested as a child...it sucks.
The molesters were there but the dealers were probably less likely. I think the real difference is the "things". When we were kids it was enough to just "go outside". Without a room full of stuff to take with you, without a tv in your room with a gazillion channels. We were entertained by playing, kickball and tag, riding bikes and such. We are different parents and are kids have different childhoods...
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