My ceiling only leaks when it rains....

My Ceiling leaks when it rains. Cuz there's a hole in my roof. But my landlords aren't going to fix it because it only leaks when it rains. UUUuuuuuhhhh huh. Ok. That's like saying 'That stinks, smell it'..... or 'That's hot, I just burned my index finger, you touch it and see if it's hot'. S.M.R.T. I should have had the bucket under the place where it drips, but I didn't. I had my sneaker under the drip. I put one shoe on this morning as I get ready to come to my place of business, I go to properly install the second on my foot, and its so wet IT drips. At which point I believe my head spun around and I may or may not have been possessed by Satan. Cuz', you know, it only leaks when it rains.

My landlord is the sameway, only my roof dont leak, its just caving in my sons room.

Sorry about the wet foot, but thanks for the giggle
Lets not hope for more rain!!! Typical landlords, lets not spend money just take moeny. My friend managed to lock her cat in a kitchen drawer once... think that tops the suicide mission yours was on:)
Have a nice weekend
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