Can I get a Do-Over?

I guess it's a running trend with my life right now, God hates me. For example: Saturday morning The Capt. had a Tourny in wayne NJ. Doo dee doo, he's driving up there on a big 6 lane highway, exceeding the speedlimit I am sure, and of course he is in the everyone go super fast lane. OOops! Someone cuts in front of him, which causes him to jerk the steering wheel to the left, which causes the truck to hit the guard rail, which causes the truck to act like a pin ball and skip across the SIX lanes of traffic. He turned the bumper into ground chuck and shredded the tire. You see the cause and effect here right? It cost him $60 to get the tire changed, and he continued on his way. He did take 3rd place in the tounry, so WOOT! I am happy about that, but OH.MY.GAWD! YOU.WRECKED.OUR.TRUCK! So, not so happy about that. Then Sunday, we're just sitting at home watchin bad TV, although great 80's horror flick were on. We were staying in due to the HIGH FRIGGIN WIND. All the sudden I hear *creeeeekkkkk.... CRACK crunch crunchcrunch* I look out my window and Oh Yay, the top half of one of my soft maple trees is now horozontal providing a nice bridge for the squirrels between the trees. Oh nice. I was kinda hoping the wind would finish knocking it out of my tree, but no such luck kiddies. So now I have to figure out a way to get this giant tree top out of my tree with little to no damage to me or my property. WOOT!!! My life.... she rockth the houseth!

I say go up there with a nail gun and make yourself a tree fort. Much easier then trying to bring it down! Plus, you can throw things at the neighbours and they won't know it's you!
you sound like me the other day, i blogged that since bot so good things kept happenung to me i was gonna hide under my bed for a while....hope things get better ;)
thats 'not'...i wrote 'bot'.....duh
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