Gahhh.. it COLD

Fall has fallen upon us once again and all I can say is NNnnnoooooooo!!! Shit! Fuckin' damnit all to hell with the ever looming possablility of snow! It's not yet Halloween! Or Thanksgiving! Please please please can't it be at least 70 until Christmas? *Waaahhhhh* You see, from approximately August 31 until July 4th I am cold. Not chilly, not lets go get a sweater, all out balls to the wall 'could someone please set me on fire because I think my blood has frost bite' cold. My hands swell and shrink, turn many lovely shades of pale translucent and blue, sometimes a nice violet too. I can tell you the exact minute it will rain/hail/sleet/snow/drop a degree because my hands stop functioning and turn into little crippled balls of hate on the end of my wrists. I think I am destined for a lovely debilitating arthritis as I continue to age. Won't that be swell? And to all of you who thing we need the Air Conditioning turned down to 54 in the summer, I hope freeze to death. When I have to bring 3 extra articles of clothing to work so I don't bite my own tongue off chattering and shivering because it's 54 degrees in here, IT'S TOO COLD. I don't understand, we live in Pennsylvania. We have snow 75% of the year. WHY can't you people enjoy the heat while it's here? The fond memories of sitting at home sweating during the summer months is what keeps me from trying to skin you and make a coat from your scalps during the winter.

Ah, fuck, I'm turning the heat up.

It rally horrible to be cold, I feel for you. I`m usally warm, though I tend to over heat in the summer...
See, I can't stand the cold either- you need to move to Florida! The only thing that sucks about living down here is that the electric bill is crazy 9 months out of the year because you need the air conditioner. But then the other 3 months you don't need anything- no heat, nothing.
Sorry you are so cold all the time. I wish I could say the samething but I'm either sweating to death or a frozen. The last 2 weeks I have been the way you are because I've been dealing with the flu :(
I can so relate to you on this one. I'm so glad I live in Texas now. It's warm 95% of the year. I mean, it was 92 degrees up until 2 days ago. Now it's 70 and I'm officially freezing because (a) I have no blood; and (b) the a/c is still cranked up in the office and it's probably around 48 degrees in here. I haven't worked at this office in the winter, so I'm hoping that once the real cold kicks in, they don't turn this place into a sweat box like at the last place I worked. I end up wearing summer clothes in winter and winter clothes in summer and people think I'm insane.
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