I Will Teach You The Ancient Martial Art of Don't Fuck With Me.

I written about this in the past, and I shall do so again. My Post Office is trying to kill me. Serously! They are out to get me! On my particular route I have no set carrier. Which mean I occasionally get a carrier who can not read. I get mail for my neighbors, people who live 15 streets over, basically I get mail for anyone who doesn't happen to live at my address. I missed a payment on The Capt.'s truck because I got no bill. So I didn't pay it. Not to make you think I am Interweb handicapped but I like to have my paper bills, even if I choose to pay it online. At which point our intrest rate went up. Ok, not fair right? Just because the USPS has decided to hire people who obviously can not read I should pay the price? I went online and did what any good interweb capable person should do, I filed a letter of Complaint on their webpage. They called me, we discussed the ramifications of Non-Delivered mail blah blah blah, I still do not get my mail in a timely or orderly fashion. Then yesterday I opened my mail box to find this months truck payment.. Opened... and Re-delivered...to me.... can anyone say Identity theft?? Or stupid fucks who deliver my mail should die a long slow painful death choking on dirty dog dick? So kiddies, I am being Pro-Active. I emailed yet another complaint to USPS.com, called my local Post office and filed a complaint, wrote to my Postmaster General, wrote to my local government representative, got a copy of the route my Postal Fuck-Up takes and made a flyer with all the information to complain to the right people and I will be flyering all the houses on said Postal Fuck-Up's route. Think I'll get any results?

seeing that morst people ( in my experience) are morons, you will not get any responce. Someone got my electric bill, and didn`t bother to look at the names on the postboxes right next to theires so its gone, and I have to call the E-company to get a new one... argh. and good luck to ya;)
If yer from Canada, me would say NOPE . NOPE . NOPE . You will get no results from filing complaints.. So, just saying......If where yer from is anything like where me lives, in Hell, Ontario Canada then nah no help from the Post Office .. Overpaid bunch of SOB's
I hope that you do. Is your area new, and so they aren't used to it yet? I think that this would kill me.
I would want to strangle someone...probably said fuck up, but good luck getting something done with the situation!!
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