Past v. Present, The Homecoming

Well kids, it's been hard to find something funny, or entertaining to write about since Frank. Although his funeral service was lovely. There were so many people there it was standing room only. On the upside, I got to go home and see my family this past weekend and both my sisters (and 1 soon to be brother in law) managed to make it up too. This only happens once in a blue moon. Not even on holidays can we all manage to make it home at the same time. I never imagined as I was growing up that it'd be so hard to get everyone together at the same time, but I never knew the familial obligations that would be put on me when I got married. I totally blocked out the idea that there would be another family that would want THEIR child at home for the holidays too, and in my case there are two sets of In-Laws to cater too. And now, my sister is getting married so now she'll have extra people to cater too! It was a great weekend though. We sat around and drank beer, and told horrible jokes (does anyone else's family in the world talk about peoples Uteruses falling out I wonder?), reminisced about when we were kids, and visited with family and friends. I annoyed the shit out of my family taking pictures of their eye-balls, (yes, I am currently obsessed with eye-ball pictures). My uncle, Walker, Texas Ranger, stopped over with his kid and visited for a while. All in all it was a great weekend, All-be-it friggin cold! The trees have started to change and it's just beautiful up there. Going home sometimes feels like going back in time, the smell of wood smoke and burning leaves takes me back to when I was a kid walking home with my sisters after school. It was a flash back weekend for me. What triggers your memories from childhood?

The one thing that triggers school memories for me is the "scritch scritch" of pencils on paper. Nothing else can make that same noise - pens make a completely different sound.

Autumn is really beautiful up here right now. For some reason, a bunch of trees are turning red (they are usually only yellow), so there is a riotous display of colour. It's so beautiful. I love fall.
The whole extra parents to cater for thing, really had not thought about it untill reasantly, beacuse we had to chose whom to spend christmas with. And since I have divorsed parents, I haven`t figured out how I am going to plan it all. Sombody is bound to get their feelings hurt. Stress
Nice eyes by the way, sort of freeky obcession:)
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