The world is rife with stupid people....

Ah, I've been compiling data for this entry for awhile now. Stupidity is a prevailing trait in our society anymore. Read on and understand more.

Case 1.
Where I work we subcontract drivers to deliver parts. We had a girl, known here after as 'Beyonce', who delivered car parts in her 2005 BMW Kompressor. Being the smart thing she was she was delivering a part in a particularly enjoyable part of the city and she parked her BMW on the street and left it running with her 2 coach purses, 2 cell phones her credit cards and cash. Can we all guess what happened next? She came out of the shop and "OH.MY.GOD. MY CAR!! MYCARISGONE!!" She ran back into the shop crying someone stole her car and they preceded to laugh at her. I did too. I wouldn't leave my Focus running and unlocked down there let alone a BMW. The thief ran up $200 in gas on her credit card and threw all her stuff away. (Case 2 is involved in Case 1) The thief apparently thought he was sooooo good he'd never get caught with this stolen BMW, he stole someone else plates put all his own stuff in the car and drove around with it for 2 weeks before he got caught. 'Beyonce' did get her car back and a lesson was learned.

Never be complacent about you car and belongings. Someone could take them away from you at any time!

Case 3.
Yet another driver of mine, here after known as Abercrombie and Fitch, has a light blue 2006 Lincoln LS. He was in the habit of leaving his windows down and cell phone in his car in our parking lot. Well, one day last week we had a retail customer, something that almost never happens. She brought her 15 year old nephew. While she was in the store her nephew was wandering the parking lot apparently looking for goods to pilfer. Low and behold, "I spy with my little eye" A&F's car open and a nice new cell phone in the cupholder. He swiped that shit lickety split and together they rushed out of the parking lot. (Yet again Case 4 is involved with Case 3!)
Unbeknownst to the Aunty, a piece of very important paper fell out of her car between pilferage and lickety slpitage. This paper had her welfare information, name, work and home numbers and address! Our little A&F put on his super detective decoder ring and tracked this family down! It took some lying on his part but eventually convinced said pilfering family that he was a good Samaritan and simply wanted to return this very important paper (and non exsistant money's he'd convinced them had fallen out with this paper.) He drove to their home where he met with the Matriarch of the family, the grandmother to this pilfering teen. he then explained what had happened. Minute by minute the Matriarch got angrier and angrier, she called the pilfering teen and retrieved the stolen Cell phone. A&F got his cell phone back and learned the same lesson as "Beyonce'.


So kiddies, I hope today's lessons have taught you something and be on the look out for Episode 2! Stupid People RULE THE WORLD!!!

ooo..ooo...that so reminds me of my brother, who will forever be known as DumbAss, who continued to leave his keys in his truck even though all the neighbors were being ripped off all over town. What a surprise when he got up one morning to find his truck gone. And his checkbook, and bank cards, house key, other vehicle keys...

Oh yeah...he did get his truck back a couple of weeks later. But only after they took it on a little joy ride threw the logging trails of the local mountains. Talk about trashed.

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