My Baby Sister...

So the Tuesday before Thanksgiving turned out to change my life dramatically. (Yes, this does apply to my life, that's the perspective I'm choosing to take on this particular post) No longer can I see my Baby Sister as the sweet little child in my memories. She is now a 23 year old adult with a college degree. And a Baby of her own on the way. As you might imagine I.FREAKED.OUT. My Baby Sister? But she's like 12??!?!???!11111 Right? RIGHT??? Apparently I was wrong wrong wrong. I cried (sobbed actually), hit the very large wall of denial and was filled with sadness at first. You see my perception of prenancy and babies is not normal, or natural for that matter. When I think of babies, my brain flees from my skull in a panic worse than psnunami survivors from a wave of massive proportion. Growing up in small town America I associate it with 'trapped', 'welfare abuse' and 'inordinate amount of anger because now your life leads nowhere'. Which, I am well aware is not how it ends for most people, but it is what I witnessed growing up. These thoughts, emotions and feeling are seared into my brian with a white hot brand. And now I am finding myself faced with everything *I* fear, but now I fear it for my baby sister. I realize these are *my* feeling about it, not hers. She seems actually quite happy with it. It might not have been planned, but she is happy none the less, and I should be supportive and happy for her. And I am trying to be now. But not when I first heard about it. Thank god I had the good sense not to call her right away. So now I am trying to shop for baby and I realize I have NO IDEA what she will need, or what will help ease her day post birth. She has no family (except for her boyfriend hence forth known as The Elf) where she lives so anything we can do to make her life easier is what I want to do. So clue me in kiddies! What do I need to buy?

*** side note***

An enormous Thank you to all the girls (and Chachi) over at RSM for helping me put this in perspective and giving me ideas on the things she'll need. *MWAH* Chickies! Love you all!

My best friend swears by the diaper genie and the boppy/boppie
the one suggestion that sticks out in my memory is steen's. duct tape. no, i think you got some great suggestions (mine included of course).
::hugs and kisses to the Laundry Broad::
Hi, this is Mad Mom from over at RSM's....Good for you for being open minded about the situation! Your a good sister for that (and other things im sure). Actually your concern for your sister is quite maternal. You're gonna be a great aunt! That in itself is a great gift. And good baby stuff to get...lots of onesies...they go thru them so fast!
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