No new posts, EVAH!

My apologies, I am no longer able to post here due to the fact I will be crocheting until my hands seize up and fall off.

That is all.

The Ending of four-letter word use


The beginning of...Maturity


You know we love you! ;D

...that is a weird comment.
We will love you regardless of you being hands-free! (HAHAHAHA, I SO crack myself up!)
yes but if i get a scarf i'll be your best friend forever!
WTH? Why did heaven nose come on your site to talk about rsm? Stupid assholes.

I never did put in an order for a scarf, but once you're done this round, and after you've taken a break, I wouldn't mind something like that! :)
What kind of socks do you like? Calf-high, knee-high, ankle? Any specific design?
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