Pooping at work? Yes? No?

I work in a small office area and the girls potty is but 10 feet from me. Granted there is a (loud) exhaust fan in there and, ya know, a door I do not believe the poopinng should occur there. Its too close to where the four of us sit. There's no 'breathing room', or barrier to block possible toxic fumes from escaping into the common area. I find the mere thought of it gross, possibly embarrassing and at least mildly inappropriate. What do YOU think?

To give out far too much information - I can't physically bring myself to go number two in any sort of a public bathroom. Not even in an emergency situation where mentally I want to... my body still sinches tighter than... something really tight.

I am not a fan of public pooping, but I don't get mad about it. I would prefer it if people didn't do it when it's actually inside an office, rather than a huge bathroom. It's just more smelly then.
I agree. There should be a sign in there that bans pooping.
i confess that if i have to poop, i'm going to poop even in those horrible bathroom circumstances. i suggest courtesy flushes and well timed coughing.
I'm the only chic who works on the 2nd floor of my building. The only time someone other than me uses my bathroom is if someone from another floor decides to. Therefore, I poop at work if I need to. I hate hate hate using public restrooms but this is where I work and they keep the bathroom here very clean and well... I go. But the bathroom is far away from me and not just right there... so I dunno.

If there is an alternative bathroom available I say all pooping should occur there, but if not... sometimes you just gotta suck it up and deal. Holding it in hurts!
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