Has anyone ever watched a bad driver back out of a tight parking spot? Like a REALLY BAD DRIVER? Back up....stop ........ turn wheel........ pull forward........stop....... about elleventybillion times and then still scrape their side mirror? That is the Warm and Fuzzy Goodness that are my delivery drivers. Yeah, totally exciting, I know. I just want to jerk them out of the car and do it myself because holy baby jeeeebus it's NOT THAT HARD! Everyone has accidents, I know that. But people who drive for a living should know how to back out of a parking spot, parallel park, not remove their side mirrors with buildings. Ya know? Some of them have vocabularies that consist soley of mono sylibic words, so even having a conversation is like trying to rip one of your own wisdom teeth out with a set of needle nosed plyers. Ok, vent over. Hate and discontent returned to the darkest pit of my heart.....

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