What ever happened to personal responsibility?

So I got to work this morning and found out someone had called out in one of our other locations, again. This seems to happen at least 3 - 4 times a month. I just don't get it. Like, at all. When you have a job, and people rely upon you to show up and do said job, where is the guilt when you screw your co-workers? I can't even take a scheduled vacation day without guilt. The way I was raised you do your job. Every. Day. That's why it's called a JOB. If it wasn't work and un-fun they'd call it 'Fun you get Paid for' or some silly shit. I just don't understand. These people want to get paid more for showing up on time, not doing something beyond what your job description is. I always thought you Do More To Get Paid more, not You Get Paid More To Do More. When did this change? Did GW have a hand in this? It's this Government related? Military maybe? My company is very good to me. I get regular raises, vacation time all the goodies, but I come to work ON TIME, and DO MY JOB to the best of my abilities, not to mention I can cover just about every other position in my company. I am who they come to with a problem because I can fix it. Unfortunately, that also makes me the hardest working individual in the company and the first one thrown under the bus. I don't mind working hard and helping out where I'm needed, but HOLY MOTHEROFCHRISTMAS! Other people should have to work too! I am not here to do everyone's job! Give me their paycheck if I'm doing their job right?

Hey, what's wrong with the military????? Huh? HUH??? That's it, no socks for you. :P

Seriously, I didn't even get a chance to get on the internet today until after I got home. I haven't even gotten to update me blog. Boo.

I know how you feel about the hardworking thing. I do so many different jobs I can barely keep my head on straight.
I had QFE printed on my business cards. it looks likes some fancy designation, but it just means QUEEN OF FUCKING EVERYTHING...because I end up doing 15 people's jobs and get paid less than one person should.
You are such a good employee!!!
And you're right. People should be mroe thankful. Lord knows I'm not gonna be rocking my boat here anytime soon.
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