Men! MEN! *hate and friggin discontent*

Are ya kidding me?? SERIOUSLY!!?????? Cuz, fer realz, I don't heart this at all! Think back to a month or so ago when The Capt. WREAKED.THE.TRUCK blah blah blah, we're having the work done right? It has taken a month to get it fixed, between waiting on the Insurance Adjusters, parts and sick repair guys. Today it is fixed! Finally. My repair guy said because it is his fault he would pay for our rental truck. Exceptionally nice of him right? Right. The Capt. went to return the rental today and PAID FOR IT. WHY WOULD YOU PAY FOR IT???? He's all happy, he called me as he's walking back from Enterprise

The Capt: So I returned the truck. It only cost $300, I put it on the credit card.

Me: *&#!?(&%WMBSGS)(&%$#$* WHY did you pay for it instead of calling me?

The Capt: Well I don't know what's going on, you never tell me anything. *pout*

Me: *grumble, miserable, never listens to me* I'll call the shop...

So tell me true... What is the Golden Number of times I need to repeat myself to be heard and understood?

No golden number. Unless you write it across your chest, nothing gets thru! BTW..I tagged you on my blog page...hope you dont mind but i only have a few blogs linked to my page ;)
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