Snakes in my MuthaFuckin' Brain!

Thank you Samuel L. Jackson. Thank you for that.

Well, last night I had the worst nights sleep I have ever had, and the poor Capt.! I'm quite lucky he didn't kil me. Usually when I have nightmares it's about spiders and not usually a big deal. I dream they are on my legs under the blankets and I wake up, push the blankets back, make sure my legs are bug free and thats the end of it. I can go back to sleep no problem. Last night however, I dreamt of snakes. ALL.NIGHT.LONG. Apparently I was talking in my sleep (which is not that out of the ordinary), thrashing, and at one point I woke myself up by sitting straight up in bed sobbing and SHRIEKING at the top of my lungs "OHNOOOOOOOOOOOOO" repetedly. The Capt. kept trying to calm me down all night and I apparently mistook him for a snake at one point and beat the crap out of him. Today as a result of my 'Battle Royal' I am exhausted. Whn my alarm went off at 6:30 I almost cried.

I think I am drinking until I pass out tonight. Fucking dreams.....

Ha ha ha!!! I've been having some weird dreams, lately. Last night I had a dream where I was at a bus station and I had to pee, but all the bathroom stalls with doors were filthy. There were toilets in the middle of the room, with no privacy, but I didn't want to use those. So instead, I went to Wendy's (also in the bus station) and ordered fried chicken and a Frosty, which was about the size of my thumb (very disappointing, that). It was all just very weird.

So, I hope you're able to get a good night sleep tonight, and don't beat the ever loving stuffing out of the Cap'n tonight!
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