Stupid Christmas.....

I have eleventy friggin billion Christmas associated things to do before Christmas in all it commercial glory gets here. I don't think I am going to make it. Lets review the list shall we?

1. Exchange The Capt.'s gift because he now wants something else, rather than what he told me he wanted in the first place.

2. Decorate the house (I am not sure why I bother... It's not like I have kids, or any of my family here to celebrate with)

3. Get a Christmas tree. (I want to know when pine friggin trees started coming out gold plated cuz seriously? $60 friggin bucks for a dying tree? *Pshaw* What evs--)

4. Get more yarn for the 367,1862 bajillion scarves I am making


6. Finish shopping for everyone

7. Christmas cards. A lot of them.

8. Remember to mail stupid cards

9. Clean my house (I am so behind)

10. Pop my ear drums with a dull object so I do not have to hear 'I Wanna Hippopontamuse For Christmas', 'Dominick The Italian Christmas Donkey', or 'You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch" any more. Cuz, SERIOUSLY? I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE!

11. More stuff that I can not think of right now but will stealthily sneak up on me mere moments before I should have had them done so I turn into a screaming raving lunatic and run away from home.

Merry Friggin Christmas all

The demanding scarf beyotches love you. We really do.

p.s. buy a fake tree. it's worth it.
The demanding scarf beyotches love you. We really do.

p.s. buy a fake tree. it's worth it.
I can be removed from the scarf list as part of my weekend of cleaning my basement I found a box full of scarfs, hats and gloves I had chalked up to MIA... -mr
Wow, your list sounds very similar to mine. Where does the time go? It seems like it will be here in a flash and we'll be running around like maniacs! Merry Christmas indeed! (Oh, btw...you are very close to where I live...small world huh?);0)
someone's got the holiday spirit!!!! ;)

ps: carrisa...fake trees rock!
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