I just don't know what to do....

Well, I am lost. Screwed. And tattooed. They story goes like this. We hired a friend of mine (at my recommendation), here after known as The Parts Nazi, to dispatch drivers. Not a particularly difficult job. Of course he's 22 years old (and doesn't drive), which might be a bit young for a management position. Yeas, we hired him to direct drivers and he doesn't drive, I KNOW! He's been working with me for maybe 6 months. He's a good kid, works hard and best of all, shows up every day (albeit, stone to the gills). Withing the last month he has turned into a complete and utter hard ass. For no apparent reason other than the fact he has Power now. POWER! MWHAHAHAHAHA! The first time I said something to him he reacted defensively. I even tried to be very diplomatic about it because we are friends and I would think it would be easier coming from a friend rather than reprimanded by a 'boss'. I must have been wrong wrong wrong. He chased me into the office and yelled at me not to embarrass him in front of the drivers, he's there boss "especially when I'm OBVIOUSLY WONG" OH, hold the fuck up young man. I turned to him and explained to him I am the one with the car, I am the one who drives and I, MORE LIKELY THAN NOT, AM RIGHT! He did pout a few days over that one.

The next incident came a few weeks later. He forced a driver to take something and drop it off on the way home, on their own time. This is not cool. You can ASK the drivers to drop things off on their way home, which if you're nice to them they will do. You can offer them overtime if it's really far out of their way. But forcing them under threat of unemployment is not cool. As it happens, I was having a party that weekend and he was invited. We had a nice little chat about how to treat the drivers and what is ok and what isn't cool. I thought everything was A-OK after that. Once again, WRONG.

Today I had one of my female drivers (there are only 2) come to me crying because The Parts Nazi screamed at her in front of everyone (not cool), cursed at her (not cool), and treated her like a child because he thinks she did something wrong. Which really she was following the directions she got when she was hired and he just doesn't remember what he said. I said something to our Accounting/HR/do everything cuz she's the bosses daughter in law again, but no one will say anything because it's so hard to get anyone to actually WORK at work anymore. So, then it's left up to me. If I talk to him again it's going to turn into a blow out when I explain to him Yes, I am your fucking boss and you no longer have the right to do the things you are doing because I FUCKING SAID SO BITCH. Or, if I don't, we lose good drivers because they will quit, which it's equally hard to find good drivers. None of the upper management wants anything to do with this and I don't know where to go with it. Anyone have any advice?

I might have to hit him with a bag of hot nickles.....

I vote for the nickels because I have no clue what to tell you to do.
I would talk to him about it. It will be easier to replace his position than to replace half a dozen drivers.

I'm sorry you're having to go through this. It's very hard to work with friends.
Definitely tell him how it is! Talk to him about it and let him know that if it continues that he will be the one looking for another job!
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