The "Man" put Crack out as population control.....

We went out to our local watering hole yesterday for the "Big Game". It was a good time mostly. We got a chance to catch up with a few people we hadn't seen in a while, and also there was our friend 'The Hipster". What you need to understand about him is he truly is a pot smokin', tree huggin', burn out. The things that came out of his mouth yesterday were truly blog gold. I had to take notes to keep up. Allow me to shed the golden light of Hippidom upon your uneducated heads......

"'The Man' put out Crack as a way to control the population, man...."

"Man, I took Crack once and it was like 'I don't feeeeeel right' man... it's definitely not a recreational drug......" (come to find out later he does smoke the Crack pretty regular, who knew???)

"When McNabb got speared in the chest last season it knocked out his soul..."

"Thirteen is NO lucky number man. I was born on 4-13-67 man...."

"Go man! Do it for the Japanese guys over in Japan and the Troops Man! They're watching by satellite RIGHT NOW!' (yelled at the TV screen during the game)

"December is Jesus's month man. January and February are Satan's months. Didn't you ever wonder why everyone is all happy in December and everyone is crying in January and February??"

"Yeah man. Six is Satan's Number. I was gonna marry my girl this year, get a nose job and get her a ring but it's 2006 man! Six is Satan's number! I'm going to do it next year, Seven! Seven is Jesus's number!"

"Man I don't even read the Bible, all you gotta do is look around. It's everywhere!"

These little jewels just popped out of his mouth all unexpected. I am just glad I was there to witness it and write all this down for you loyal readers.....

Actually, he's not far off. If you do a study of all the numbers in the bible, you'll find the most prevalent number IS 7. Interesting.

He sounds like quite a character, although if I wasn't drinking, I might be annoyed by him.

And your hair is pink? So cool!
I can just see you with a little notebook...too funny. I have a friend that requires massive amounts of notetaking also. I call it my "Shane Journal" and make sure to have it in my purse for Friday night beers. He spouts blog worthy material on a regular basis...
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