Because I'm nice like that.....

There's this little old widow who lives across the street from me and was the very first person who made me welcome when I moved in to this area. She has 2 children, one of whom lives rather far away and the other is too wrapped up in his own life. So for Valentines day I thought it might be nice to leave a little gift on her porch. The question is do I get some flowers and leave them? Or make some muffins? She has been very sweet to me. Last winter I shoveled her driveway twice, it really was no big deal, I was already out doing mine. Her drive way is short but on a very nasty incline and I didn't want her trying to do it herself. A few weeks later I find a thank you card in my mail box with 2 gift cards worth $10 each ! So you can see she's a nice little old lady and I thought it'd be a nice thing to do. So idea's? Suggestions?

I think muffins would be just great. Unless she's diabetic. But then again, she could be allergic to flowers. How about some sugar free old person hard candies?
Ha ha ha, you could go with the chocolates and flowers - then she can enjoy one if the other doesn't work out for her! :)
thats very sweet of you :)
muffins are always nice. awwwww....
I always ask myself that question too. When I used to live in the senior citizen apartment complex I would want to bake stuff for my neighbor lady... but you just never know if they are diabetic or not. So I never did it.

You could make her a casserole. Or a cobbler. Old people love cobblers.
Hit her in the face with a pan... That's what I would do...
we find what you did very sweet. We have found that older people just love it when you appreciate them for who they are. find her hobby and build on it. Good Luck!
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