Could someone stab me please?

I don't know what I did wrong. I have to have done something to deserve this. There has to be a reason. Let me recap and give you the details and you can tell me what I could have done to deserve such shittiness. We had the ice and slush shit yesterday so the Big Boss Man sent us all home at 2 due to bad roads. Yay, right? Not so much. I told The Capt. to shovel yesterday morning before it all froze to the ground. When I got home he had shoveled the porch steps. That was it. Ok, that's not so bad right? I go in the house and do the dishes and putter around, decide I'm hungry so I grab a yogurt out of the fridge. I walked over to the garbage can popped the lid and licked it. As I reel my tongue back it I realize it tastes like MOLD. *GAG* I turn, throw the yogurt, spoon and all, into the trash and haul ass to the bathroom fighting my gag reflex the whole way. Twenty minutes later I can still taste mold. *shudder* We went out to lunch (which sucked) came home and finished shoveling. We decided last night since my car is better in the snow he would take my car today. He has farther to go than me. Make sense right? We get up this morning, he gets ready to go just as I'm hopping in the shower. I finish getting ready, go out, start up the truck and realize he didn't put the trash out. This is the first indicator of the shittiness to follow. I go back into the house, grab all my stuff and lock up. I throw my stuff in the truck, put the trash out and go to scrape the truck off. I searched everywhere in that tiny little truck and guess what..... NO SCRAPER. Fuck. Back to the house, search around and the best thing I could find to try and scrape the windshield was a spatula. Now I am starting to get pissed. The spatula did absolutely NOTHING so I figured fuck it I can see enough to drive to work I just can't use the wipers, I'll just go to work and use someone else's scraper. Hop in the truck throw it in reverse and *Zzzzzzppphhhbbb*. Grrr... Ok, I'll rock it out. First gear, reverse, first gear, reverse...... I can't even get it to rock. Now my brain is starting to scream a little because IF HE'D JUST SHOVELED YESTERDAY MORNING LIKE I SAID TO I WOULDN'T HAVE THIS FUCKING PROBLEM. GAH. Fucker. So I called one of the guys at work, got him to come and get me. So I'm at work. Pissed. I sent The Capt. a nasty little text message. He didn't like it too much. He called me right away and I asked him why he didn't have a scraper in his car. His response to me was this

"Well, you took my scraper."

Are you fucking kidding me? He's super extra special lucky I wasn't within cutting distance of him because he was making me a little stabby. I might have cut him had he been near me. As an added bonus I have a Doctors appointment tonight that I have to get to and I'm not sure how I'll get there. I asked him if he was coming home tonight and he actually said to me "I have to train tonight. I have a life you know and I have stuff to do." Um, YOU BOUGHT THE HUNK OF SHIT TRUCK FUCKER.

So in review:

Why does Sweet Baby Jeebus hate me? WHY!!?!?!?!?!?!

::pets Laundry Broad:: It'll be ok! It'll be ok!
Man that sucks... moldy yogurt and a inconsiderate husband! What the hell?
It's leftover shittiness from Valentines Day; the worst mojo day of the year. For V day - I got a cold and my period...how's that for bad mojo?
Tomorrow is another day...at least it fucking better be.
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