I always miss the best stuff!

My brain is trying to convince my liver to become a bar fly if for nothing more than the stories! And Weirdo's. And Homeless people which have recently settled at 'Our Bar'. Last night the Capt. stopped for a drink with Mr. Numb3rs and more insanity broke loose! The Capt ordered his drink and realized he'd left his cellular telephonic device in the vehicle of which me do not speak for fear of 'I told you so' flying out of my mouth. He starts out the door to his 'vehicle' and runs smack dab into a large mammal wearing a wife beater with his jacket jauntily draped across his shoulder and giving the crazy eye in negative OhMyGodItsSoFuckingCold degrees. Fast forward a little bit, he comes back into the Pub and Sir Crazy has apparently decided he should use the ladies room. As Mr. Numb3rs informs The Capt of this Sir crazy comes bursting out of the hallway Yelling at every on in the bar "FUCK WITH ME!!! COME ON FUCK WITH ME!!!" Repeatedly. A lot. In peoples faces. It's all The Capt and Mr. Numb3rs can do not to laugh in Sir Crazy's face and 'Poke the Tiger'. Sir crazy flys out the door once he realizes his request will not be fulfilled in this Pub.

I have 2 questions about this story.

1. What was this guy ON? Coke? PCP? Meth?

2. Why are there so many crazies out lately? I thought that happened in the summer! Is there something in the water we're not aware of? Government Testing???


I don't like your blog. But tell me, why would you want kids? Having kids makes it impossible to have a life, correct me if I'm wrong.
Thats ok, not everyone does. I actually don't want kids. I don't believe I said I did, and if you're refering to the title of my blog thats just in reference to where I am in my life. Thanks for stopping by anyway.
It must be lunar... on a weird time-delay. There was a full moon last week.

Oh, and why would you care who likes/dislikes your blog. I love your stories.
Dude. It's totally government testing, man. Or maybe it's aliens. I vote for either one.

HN can stuff it up their bums.
The crazies follow us LB, we are magnets...hence your first commenter...and the meth head in the wife beater....they lust our good karma.
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