Word of the day...

Sometimes these things just fall in my lap and how could I live with myself if I didn't share them with you?

Word: Prosti-Tot

Definition: A young girl with too much makeup and not enough clothes.

An obviously underage girl who dresses like a whore...

(n) 1. Young Girl who dresses in a scandelous manner. 2. Female preteen
intent on attracting adult men.

Example of Proper usage: That prostitot should put on some clothes.

That prostitot is showing her diaper

Now I know what to call all those lil'girls I've simply been calling Whore.....


Dude! I use this word ALL the time!! It describes most of the age 12-17 population where I'm from.

I'm dreading summer, when they all come out wearing belts that they pretend are skirts. Or underwear that they pretend are shorts. If I can see your ass cheeks and/or vag, you are not properly clothed!
Dude.. I should come to your sight more often.. I am missing out on SO MUCH information!!! :D
I love this one!!!
I now have something to call the girls who come sniffing around Gadget with their t-bars and their push up bras....YOU'RE 14 - you have NO BUSINESS WEARING THONG UNDERWEAR....
sorry..I'll stop shouting now.
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