So it's all good right?

I started my New! Better! Job! today and I am exhausted! It wasn't any harder than what I am used to, just different. And most of the time I had no idea where I was! Lincoln drive? Haines ave? Ogontz Ave? They all seemed to blur into one big city street for me. And some of the area's I was in were, lets just say, less than desirable. I might get jacked up an' shizit yo. Most all of the customers I met were great! AND! Had really lovely things to say about me to my boss. I like that part, it gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling. We didn't have much time to actually stand and talk with the customers I would have liked to talk to, but it some places it was like we couldn't get out of there fast enough. There's one guy who really dislikes me. I think, maybe, he caught me making fun of the way he speaks. To be honest, it is funny. It's his cadence. He draws things out. Example:

Hi honey it's Daaaaaaave...

Hey Teeeeeeeee

It's very weird considering he grew up in Philly.

At one shop in the inner ghetto (where we had to be buzzed in because, hello, some one might kill them) I also met a guy who's eye leak. All the time. For no discernible reason. He must be REALLY sad. And one of the owners of the shop has ears so big he might just fly away like Sally Fields in the Flying Nun if a stiff wind came along. I am not even kidding, just wait, I'll get pics. I saw lesbians working on cars, a itty bitty skinny guy with a gun stuffed into his waist band, homeless people wandering aimlessly, and several Korean shops where it was more difficult to understand them in person than on the phone! It was a fun day. We got done around 4:30, and I had/have a raging headache. we'll see how this goes, and hopefully, now that I'll be driving around the city I'll get some really cool pics, and I know I'll have some awesome stories. Just hang in there with me for a bit, my life can only be boring for so long....


ears so big he might just fly away like Sally Fields in the Flying Nun

OMG! That is hilarious!
I thought you were on Rockwell Ave?
I was all of last week. I was just covering because someone quit.
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