You can call me Dr. Doolittle

I like animals. I always have liked animals. I've been bitten by dogs, scratched by cats, kicked and smushed by horses, and chewed on by gerbils. It doesn't matter, I still like animals. And they apparently know it. Since last summer I have two pretty pit bull girls who come to see me every time they get out of their fenced yard (which is pretty much whenever they want). I also have a German Sheppard/ Rottweiler cross who comes to visit. Two years ago I had a family of 5 skunks living under my porch, and this winter it seems I have several cats living under the crawl space to the house. I don't mind, well, maybe I had a little problem with the skunks..... Anyway, we were just lounging around yesterday doing a fat lot of nothing and someones knocking on the door. Our first though is "oh crap! Who's here now?" When I answered the door there was a GIANT Stafordshire Terrier looking in the door at me and a tiny little Asian woman holding the leash.

Lil'old lady: You own him?

Me: Ahh, no but he's beautiful... (exit the house)

Lil'old Lady: Oh.... I tell him to go home and he come here. You know him? He come to my yard and I don know what to do with him.

Me: I have no idea who he is! (at which point he was trying to pull this tiny lady off my porch and I grab his leash which OBVIOUSLY means I now take responsibility for this mammoth dog)

Lil'old Lady: Ah, you take to pound for me? He too big for me.....

Me: Ah, no. Hey honey, can you call the SPCA? Or 911 or something? We can't let him run around free, he'll get squished.

The Capt: Ok, I called the SPCA, there was an emergency number and I called that too. no one answered.

Me: Can you call the Police Department?

The Capt: (slams door)

Me: *sigh*

Lil'old Lady: I can't let him in my house, I have 4 cats and birds. What kind of dog do you have, a Yorkie? Will you stay with him? I need to go home.

Me: Um..... ok.......

The Capt: Ok, give me the dog. Go get whatever you need to to stay out here with the dog until the cops show up. I can't believe you did this, why do you always do this?

So anyway, the cops finally came and took this great behemoth to the SPCA to be scanned for a microchip. I hope his owners find him and get him a bigger collar so he can't escape again. I'd have happily kept him if I knew he wouldn't have eaten my lil'dog. but that was the highlight of my weekend. I kinda secretly hope he comes back to hang out.

Awww... Too bad he wasn't yours! They're such nice dogs.
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