ack..... my life.... she suckth.

Ok, So I'm back at work, doing the old crappy job still. We had a Elvis impersonator come in today and apply for my job. Uhuuh huh. Who knows, he seemed more normal than Mr. LoudTalker. Which, ah, a Elvis Impersonator more normal than him? Soooo sad for him. Freak.

And the Imus thing? WHEN WILL THIS BE DONE??? Sweet baby Jeebus I am so tired of hearing about this 'Nappy headed ho' bull shit. So he said something racially charged. Big Fucking Deal! Isn't that his job? CHRIST SAKES PEOPLE! He's allowed to have his opinion. Free speech and all. I don't like what he said. I wouldn't have said it. And they are bringing in Rappers. Oooo! The controversy! But Rappers say the super secret 'N-word'. Its all crap. They can say it because they are black, or grew up (eminem) in that life style. The don't mean it like White people do. BLAH BLAH BLAH. White racism is different than black racism. I call Bull Shit. Until we educate ALL PEOPLE this kind of crap will go on. The shootings in Philly have already exceeded 100 this year. It Sucks. It sucks the big one that I can't go down the city without wondering if I'll get shot. It sucks that 5 minutes form my Home there are shootings EVERYDAY. (Ah, crap, I'm on a rant aren't I)

Anyway, Please people. lets stop all this silly bullshit and get back to the important things in life already. Like Money. And Celebrity Gossip. Please Paris, do something stupid so Calgon can take me away as I read those trash mags.......


Haha - I LOVE THE TAG!!!
Fuck already is right.
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