I am SO good.

Lesbian Mechanic: Hi laundry Broad, what's up? I need an oil filter for a '07 H3.

Me: Ok, oh, yeah I got it.

LM: What kind of synthetic oil do you have?

Me: Um.... lets see, I've got 5w30...

LM: I don't even know how many quarts I need...

Me: Man I hate those cars, too flashy, and show-y off-y....

LM: Hey now! That's my Girlfriends car....

Me: Fuck, you're going to beat me up now aren't you?

I'm going to get beat up and possibly cut by my Puerto Rican Lesbian Mechanic Friend.

Open mouth.... insert foot.

Just grab dem bag'o'hot nickels and you'll be fine!

Haha - loved this.
"Oh, I thought you meant the car the year BEFORE yours. Heh. I mean. Crap. Don't hurt me!"

I'm sure you're ok, but you could just threaten to cut her if she comes after you!
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