So I have this GREAT! NEW! JOB! and already I am completely annoyed. Not only do I have no time to blog, because I spend all night catching up on the reading I missed all day, but I have no good stories yet. I met the Russian mafia today on Bustleton, but on one cares (cuz really, not that interesting). And also! the fucktards I work with have decided my first week out by myself should be the week they all have court dates for child support and other drug related issues, or they are Sick, whaaaaa whaaaa bitches. So I have spent more time covering in the store than doing my GREAT! NEW! JOB! Thank god they are still paying me for it.

I swear! I Pinky Swear this will get more interesting. In the mean time, go here and read these things. They are fun. (And I guess creating a hyperlink is out of the question for me today. Cut and paste bitches.)



Plus, I may have ordered NEW! COLORS! for my hair. Stay tuned!

You! Are! Very! Excitable! Today!
I know. I have even been Thinking with exclamation points lately. I think there's something wrong with my brain.
What do you do?
I know what you mean. The Thinking! With! Exclamation Points!

What colours did you order for your hair, hmmm???
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