Hi. Yes. I'm still alive.

And starting to get really NERVOUS. This weekend! Saturday as a matter of fact, my Husband, The Capt. will be fighting his FIRST! EVER! PRO! FIGHT! In a real stadium! With real people who watch UFC watching him! And Me and our friends! I'm extremely proud of him. And also feel like I might vomit a little. He is going up a weight class. He'll be fighting 140lbs. Against a guy who's done this before. He's going to get hit in the face. He is going to bleed. I AM SO NERVOUS! If I am this nervous I can't even imagine how he's feeling. I sent an email to the fight people and asked if they are allowing picture takin'. Need to know! Because how else will you all (all three of you) see anything if I can't take pics! Ok, anyway, no more exclamation points. If you pray, cast spells, chant to a whosey-whatsit, or just hope really hard please do so around 8pm Saturday may 19 for The Capt. He needs to win this thing.

Where is he fighting? I am a UFC addict ;0) Best of luck to the Capt.!!!
The Bernie Robbins stadium in AC. It still makes me a little vomitty.....
How about I make a voodoo doll of his opponent?
HAHAHA!! Do it! His name is Ricky Lee from Fight Factory!
You both will be fine! It'll go awesomely, you'll see! :)
Did you get an answer to your e-mail? can you take pictures? Because I would love to se your man win the fight.

Best of luck to you both :)
I just found out that my boyfriend's bro-in-law is fighting too. I thought of you and the capt. when they called to see if we would watch their daughter. Best of luck to the capt. tomorrow...and try not to vomit ;0)
How did he do???????
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