If a tree falls in the woods, and there's no one around to hear it does it make a sound?

Ok, so I might have fucked up. A little. Maybe. I dunno. You tell me. I FINALLY went back 'On The Road' today and I was visiting a customer, henceforth known as BOB'S, busily chatting away. We were having a wonderful conversation, it was the end of the day and you could see those little dream bubbles over everyones heads filled with thoughts of cold beers and steak sammiches. They sent a Jeep over to another of my customers, henceforth known as TIM'S, for an alignment, and they apparently didn't have a real relationship with this TIM'S yet. They called and asked when it would be done and one of the lackies said "UUUhhh ahhh dunno" and that was it. The owner of BOB'S obviously didn't know who to talk to. We walk out into the shop busily discussion our plans to mow, or drink tonight and the owner of BOB'S says something to the effect he'd really like to know when that Jeep would be done so he could go home. So I, the fixer of all things, piped right up and said "No problem! I know the guys!! I'll call!! Lets go to the phone!" To be fair, I thought I was HELPING, I am a HELPER, I like to HELP. I can fix all things! And whatnot. Well, the office manager was standing there while I was talking (YES I GOT THE ANSWERS!) and as soon as I hung up she FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT ON ME! Telling me it was fucked up and not professional and what the fuck was I doing?? I started stuttering and telling her we talked about it, The Owner KNEW I was doing it (at which point she said she wasn't mad at me but at him but continued to yell at me) and I apologized for overstepping my bounds and I didn't mean it and OH MY GOD LADY! HELPING!!! And then I cried because maybe I can't do this job and it's too hard and I don't like being yelled at FOR HELPING. So you tell me. Was I wrong? Did I fuck it all up?? Should I just go live in a van down by the river because I will NEVER BE GOOD AT ANYTHING! Am I the ANTI-HELPER?


I would think that it would be a good thing for you to step up and help...sounds like your manager needs a Valium. I would've gotten lippy right back...and maybe even cut her ;0p I hope you have a good weekend!
I don't think you did the wrong thing, but I guess you might want to dial back the helping a bit. It sucks, but no one likes getting chewed out.
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