So I'm a little busy OK?!??!

So I got back from The Capt. doing this.

And This......

And finally THIS.....

So yeah, I've been busy helping him nurse this....

And then my sister made this.........

So I was busy being an Auntie.

Also! The shopping! OH! SWEET BLUEBERRY FLAVORED JEEBUS! Shoes for the *other* sisters wedding (not to mention support garments! Shuddup, I'm old. Fuck off. Assholes.) And Da Momma's Birthday. And my Anniversary. And my friends wedding reception gift (Who gets married by Elvis?? In Vegas??)

And now my crotchety old grandpa decided it's be a great time to have a heart attack. Thanks grandpa. I guess we still like you but OHHHH!! The SMACK you're gonna get when I get home!! I don't know who told you THAT SHIT was OK, but they've got a good smack coming too. DON'T MAKE ME TAKE MY BELT OFF!!!

So, it's been a REALLY LONG couple of weeks. Hopefully I will have something better soon...

I am so tired............

OK, here goes....Congrats on being an Auntie (beautiful baby), hope the capt. is healing well, hope you got all your shopping done (cute shoes), and sorry to hear that your grandpa had a heart attack...I hope all is well and he is getting better!!!! Whew, take a break and have a beer...you deserve it ;0)
Um, you've been busy. No wonder you haven't been around all that much! Sorry to hear about your grandpa :(

Have you had much luck with the support garment search?
No. I think I'm going to have to go to Victoria Secrets to get a good bra for this dress. I'm beginning to get annoyed with all the money I'm dumping on this wedding.Grrrrrr!
See, but when everything in life hits you all at once, it makes the really idyllic times so boring. Shutting up now.
Make sure that what you get from Victoria Secret is real, and not just for "show", if you know what I mean. I'm not an expert on VS, but I know with some of the lingerie shops here you have your "play" items, and your actual support garments... which serve completely different functions!
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