Hi, I'm a Harvard Grad and Nicole is from Florida

Just a few highlights from The Pat Benatar Concert I went to with RSM. Oddly enough, none of them happened at the concert itself. Huh, Weird. This Little guy we met at The Blue Comet in Glenside. We had a lovely talk with him at the Comet though. I told him about RSM's blog and how famous she is and he should feel SO LUCKY to actually be in her presence (cuz I am nice like that). She introduced herself as Nicole and then told him I am a Harvard Graduate. Payback? Maybe... He then was properly amazed and said things like "You two are so humble" and "No wonder she is just sitting back not saying much". Then it was Story Time. He had been out all night with a buddy celebrating a 21st birthday. And did we know is was a foster kid? And his mom was a totally druggie? And his dad TOO. WOW. Fascinating stuff. It was at this point we decided to RUN. Run for our lives.

So then we went back to the Keswick for a few more Drinky-poo's. As we we're being carded at the door and RSM was yelling at the bouncer that 'You are so MEAN! Just let us IN ALREADY!" we met this diamond in the rough! And she LOVED RSM. She basically attacked her at the door. It was awesome.

The best description I have heard so far is 'Elaine from Seinfeld's Daughter'. Let me just tell ya, she inherited all the mad dancing skills from her mom. She was freaky Jealouscakes about RSM being on stage so decided to throw herself on stage and be 'The Bands' Dancer! She was rockin the house and all that.

This however may have been the highlight of the evening. The SECOND Concert of the night. There was a Little Clash, Some Bowie, Journey (of course!) a little Maroon 5. I was really busy laughing, singing, taking pictures and drinking. And you'll NEVER GUESS who showed up? No go ahead. Try. You'll never guess! Yep! You guessed it! Our little friend Scott! After RSM got down from the stage Scott decided he'd like to sing too! The guys in The Band didn't like it very much. it's one thing to have a Hot Chick up on stage (after being invited of course) and an entirely different thing to have some snaggle toothed crazy person decide he wants to sing and run up and 'Share' the mic with you. I think I might have heard a "Oh HELLS NAW!" He was pulled off the stage and escorted out while being told 'No one goes on stage', except for Hot Chicks in Little skirts I guess..... I guess the last interesting bit that happened was on our way to the Potty. RSM had quite the fan club by the end of the night ya know. So we're just minding our own bid-ness and this guy stops us. It was very 'How You Doin'?' We went through all the regular conversation topics...

Guido: How You Doin' ladies? What's your name?

RSM: Nicole.

Me: (Real name inserted here) (Cuz I'm hard core like that)

Guido: So... Where you from?

RSM: Florida.

Me: Here. (while giving crazy look at RSM)

Guido: Well, next Friday I'm having a party at my house if yous would like to come.... Hey you wanna take a picture of me too?

nah, get a better one....

RSM: Oh, I'll be gone by then..

Me: Can we go to the bathroom now?

We ended the night looking at about 47 people's tattooe's and then This Travesty. It was eventful and entertaining. And kinda scary. Lets do it again ok?

Yeah............. we're totally going out again.

That guys eyebrows look like they should have their own names. Guido the eyebrow. Unbelievable.

You two are grounded, got it?
and damn that is a hairy ass
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