This is the end......

Well kids, this mornings shower might have been my last hot one. Or shower period..... You see the Hot Water Tank has been leaking. I knew this. My FIL didn't believe me. Pretty common. He came over and looked at it and announced

"HA! I have discovered the dysfunction! The Hot Water Tank is leaking!"

in his most triumphant voice. I figured because it was playing with explosives (Natural Gas) I wouldn't have to worry about it. He'd hire someone who knows what they are doing. Right? RIGHT??!??!


He called The Capt. Sunday and told him to meet him at the Home Depot to pick up the New Hot Water Tank. No big deal. They go and pick this up, drag it up one set of stairs and down another and as it comes back to upright The FIL says

"So I'll be over Tuesday morning to put this in. That way I have all day if something goes wrong."

Oh Hell's nah....

So pray for me Children.

I may not have Hot Water when I get home.

I may not have Water when I get home...

And if he fucks up with the natural Gas....

I may not have a home....

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Awww... I hope your home is still there when you get there!

Dude, leaking hot water tanks sucks.
Why is it that men insist on trying to fix, repair or install things when they have no clue as to what they're doing and no intention of reading directions. I blame Home Depot, Loew's and all those other home improvement places.

I'm going to be optimistic and say that I hope you have hot water when you get home. I'm sure your hubby and FIL have the sense to turn off the gas before doing anything.
Kait and CE the hubs is having nothing to do with it! It's all him. BUT! I came home and nothing was done. NOTHING. I don't know what happened but he didn't even take the new one out of the box!
we need a new hot water heater as well. ours has been leaking profusly for five years.
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