Mrs. Crazy?? Could you come with me please?

So, did you know I hate my health insurance? Cuz I do. It rocks. In order for me to go to the chiropractor (oh! Sweet love!) I need a referral. Ok. NO problem right? WRONG! Let me lay out a time line for you! It'll be fun! Tra-la-la!

2:35 I get to the office! All good! My appointment is for 2:45! I signed more paperwork than the last time I bought a car! As an added bonus, I have no medical records! The last Doctors office I went to is only mandated to keep the patient record for 7 years and since it had been 10 since my last visit, they were GONE! YAY!

2:45 Waiting...... Notice a pregnant girl sitting across from me. She appears to be younger than me...... find out she has 4 KIDS! FOUR!!!!! And another Bun in the Oven. And she COUGHS. A. LOT. ON. ME. You are familiar with the bronchitis cough, yes? The deep lung horking cough?
Yeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhh...... Thats the one.....

3:00 Waiting......

3:15 Waiting.... Notice the Crazy woman to the right of me. She had brought to the Doctors office with her 1. Full, with books, Jansport PINK backpack. 2. Full Aldi's bag. I don't know what it had in it but it wasn't groceries. 3. Full size purse. Filled with shit. So full she couldn't do up the zippers.

And she was dressed crazy too! She was wearing Capri pants, with jeans over top. How do I know what she was wearing under the Jeans?? There were fresh holes torn in the jeans so the Capri's poked through. Coincidence?? I THINK NOT!! Not to mention I think she had friggin' PNEUMONIA and she did not cover her mouth. And she touched every magazine. Twice. I swear to Sweet Baby Jeebus I could feel her germs and phlegm sticking to my eyeballs at one point. It was awful.

3:30 STILL WAITING while I catch Leprosy...

FINALLY! I get called back. The nurse takes my info and I say to her

Me: I am just here to get a referral so I can go see a Chiropractor

Nursey: Well, you probably won't get that.... They'll want you to see an Orthopod first....

Me: Actually, I don't want to see an Orthopod and since I'm paying, I'll just take my referral.

Nurrsy: No, You don't see, the insurance companies do it this way...

Me: Either you people will give me a referral or I will go someplace else and get it. Someone *Will* write me a referral.....

Nursy: Ok then, I'll send in the Doctor.

Needless to say, I got my referral and I have my appointment set up for Tuesday.


I hope you don't get sick. Ewwie.

I heart my chiropractor with my whole heart.
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