Overheard in Ardmore....

**Picture this: a young woman pulls up in a beat up Cavalier with two older Gents. One Older gent is obviously handicapped. The other Old Gent seems lucid, and coherent. The Young Woman obviously frustrated and overwhelmed.**

Young Woman: Give me your jacket. (to Old gent #1)

Old Gent #1: Why? Why can't I have my jacket?

Old Gent #2: *shuffle shuffle* (puts hands in pockets)

Young Woman: You don't Need It.

Old Gent #1: Why don't I Need It?? It's my jacket.
(at this point they are pulling on the jacket, first he pulls, then she pulls, repeat.)

Young Woman: You're angry.

Old gent #2: *Shuffle Shuffle* (Takes hands out of pockets, looks at arguers uncomfortably)

Old Gent #1: Yes I am. I want my jacket.

Young Woman: STOP BEING ANGRY. ANGRY MEANS NURSING HOME. *throws jacket at him.*

Me: Ummmm... *jaw slack staring at them because OMG?? Did she just threaten him with a nursing home over a jacket??*

Young Woman: *head snaps around to see if anyone saw her threaten Old Gent #1. She spies me staring and stomps off into Applebee's with both old Gents shuffling along behind.*

Just so you know, Old Gent #1 got to keep his jacket.

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Holy Crapsickles Batman!

Sounds more like girly needed a serious head-shrinking. Then again, I know only half the story, but still. how weird!
Wow! Thats insane! LOL
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