I don't hate all foreigners.....

I just want to make that clear before I tell you this story. Working in Philly has really opened my eyes as far as different accents. I have spanish guys, korean guys, chinese and japanese, a few russians, some english guys, pretty much you pick it I hear it. Whn I first started this job I had an awful time 'hearing' and 'understanding' but after awhile I learned to 'hear' what they were saying, not what it sounded like. For example:

Korean Customer: "I nee a stata fow ninee-sic cysler cillus"
Translation: "I need a starter for a nintey-six chrystler cirrus"

Me: "How are you today Boris?"
Boris the Russian: "Marrrrrvolous, just Maaarrrrrrvolous! You send me Brrrrakes and Rrrrotor for tempo, is good, ya?"

Now, mostly I have gotten past the accent differences except for with a few customers. These guys piss me off because they don't even TRY to be intelligable! There enunciation sucks so bad I want to rip their tongues right out of their mouths. I understand, yes, you learned most of the language which is a HUGE undertaking, I can't even learn Portuguese. But, here's the difference. I AM NOT IN A COUNTRY THAT SPEAKS PORTUGUESE. I don't mind if you make mistakes in the application of our language, it's to be expected. What pisses me off is the fact they make no attempt to ennunciate. I have this whispery little fuck who is SO. DIFFICULT. Example:

Whispery Little Fuck: "Emeency swi.. in coroo...you knoo.... fo emeency.. bink bink... you kno...... wha I mea????
Translation: "I need a emergency switch (also known as hazard light switch) in the coloumn, you know, the emergency light switch, do you understand what I mean?"


Please, for the love of god someone kill me before I cut someone.....

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Dude. I totally get this. I have such a hard time with accents. I try so hard, but some days my brain just doesn't compute, you know?
Totally feel your pain!

The worst is when the person with the accent is supposed to be customer service somewhere.

Exactly how are they supposed to be customer service when they don't speak the language that the customers speak?
OMG! This makes me crazy! Holy crap, in Texas is the opposite. I went to McDonalds with the Girl the other day and I swear on all that is holy I was ennunciating like an elecution coach at Juliard and they still put freaking mustard on the Girl's burger! Crap, I may just need to learn Spanish.
Que??? No habla espanol?? Ay dios mio!
I hate calling customer service and getting someone overseas that I can't understand. I really want to pull out the old "English MotherF****r, Do you speak it?", but I'm too polite for that!
it is so annoying. like, make an effort.
Dude, totally. I used to live in Liverpool, where, technically, they speak English, but everyone talks with an accent that's so unintelligable that they might as well be speaking another language.
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